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Skeeter "Bohemian Spirit"

The Agility Dog

Albion Country Bowl are proud to be sponsors of Skeeter, supplying him with his raw meals to fuel him through his training and competitions. Skeeter is fed on our Albion Country Bowl Premium Range.


We wish Skeeter, his owner and handlers the very best for the 2022 Agility season. Keep up to date with Skeeters progress both here and on our social pages.

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Skeeter The Agility Dog

An introduction to Skeeter

Skeeter is a Bearded Collie X Lurcher. I introduced him to my agility world, which has now become the thing he enjoys most in life. I named him with the kennel club as “Bohemian Spirit”. He was due to start his agility career in March 2020 but because of Covid this was not possible.

During this period I began to realise he needed more stamina. I was introduced to Albion foods which he is now totally fed on.

The difference in his energy levels, stamina and muscle definition is amazing.

As the world normalised somewhat Skeeter started his career in June 2021. Since this time he has been winning consistently and tends to be in the top 10% in all classes with sizes of 100-350 dogs.

He got through to the Pure Agility finals by coming 3rd in a class of 300 at his first agility show.

He came 8th out of 190 in a Crufts qualifying heat.

Skeeter has won 20 x 1st places and 10 x 2nd places and various other placings. These are out of classes of between 40 -140 He has won Top Agility Rescue Dog in the country on points (all breeds, heights and grades).

At this present time he is top of the Agility Rescue League which we hope to retain. After only 4 shows he has gained his Agility Warrant Bronze.

This dog never ceases to amaze me!

By Julie Darlington


Skeeter Jumping An Albion Country Bowl Banner
Skeeter Jumping An Albion Country Bowl Banner

Qualifying for Crufts


Skeeter Qualifying For Crufts

MARCH 2022

Skeeter Qualifies For Crufts

Here is Skeeter sat posing with his rosettes after qualifying for Crufts 2023 in The Ykc Agility Dog of the Year (see videos above). Such a good boy!

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March 2022


Skeeter training in the sunshine.

Morning Off Training
March 2022

A Morning Off Agility

Skeeter took the morning off from Agility training and instead went for a walk in the lovely sunshine.

April 2022


First outdoor show this season.

Skeeter “Bohemian Spirit” achieved a brilliant 12th out of 120 dogs at the Scunthorpe Agility Championships, which included a lot of top collies, and he got other places and clear rounds.

Well done Skeeter, such a good boy!

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Scunthorpe Agility Championship
Skeeter In The Water
April 2022

A Morning Off Agility

Skeeter took the morning off from Agility training and instead enjoyed some time out in the nice weather and having a splash in the water.

April 2022

Longfield Agility

Skeeter with his prizes from competing at Longfield Agility .
  • 1st Agility 
  • 1st Jumping
  • 2nd Jumping

“He is getting faster and faster thanks to Albion”

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Skeeter At Longfield Agility

Getting Faster and Faster at Longfield Agility

May 2022

Stardom Agility

Skeeter has done it again with 3 x 1sts and 1 x 2nd at Stardom Agility.

“Skeeter had an awesome weekend at Stardom Agility!”

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Skeeter At Stardom Agility


May 2022

ICONX Agility Show

“Skeeter was amazing at the Iconix Agility Show this weekend.”

Each class had around 120 dogs in.

Out of these Skeeter won:

  • 1x 20th
  • 1x 10th
  • 2x 4ths

Where Skeeter placed, 20th he was the fasted dog on the course but got faults.

Julie And Skeeter At Iconx Agility Show 2022

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