Natural raw dog food that puts a spring in their step!

Air Dried Chicken Feet Raw Dog Treats


Our Air Dried Chicken Feet are 100% natural raw dog treats, free from artificial colouring additives and preservatives. Air drying, or dehydrating, treats help to retain their natural goodness, suitable for use as a treat in between meals or as a training aid and also helping to keep teeth and gums healthy.

  • Suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs.
  • Packed with high-quality protein.
  • Low fat.
  • Great for oral hygiene and health.
  • A natural way to add a variety of texture to your dog’s diet.
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Air Dried from fresh

Albion air dried treats are air dried from fresh to maintain quality, nutrition and flavour.

A great training aid

Our air dried treats make great treats for your dog, but can also be used as a tasty training aid.

100% natural

Albion air dried treats are 100% natural free from colouring, additives and preservatives.

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