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Proflax Range


Proflax supplements are packed with antioxidants which support cellular health, immunity, and help to keep their system detoxified.

Include herbs that are adaptogenic which means that they will support your dog’s ability to adjust, adapt and recalibrate itself depending on its emotional and physical surroundings.

Each of the products include unique formulations of concentrated active herbal tinctures which support various aspects of health. As they are bottled in their natural active state they retain all of their bioactive compounds and nutritional value. Proflax supplements will help to keep your dog in the very best of health both physically and emotionally.

Fast acting – supports health in as little as 7 days which is unique for any supplement product.

Totally 100% pure and natural with no chemicals/additives which is validated by an independent UK DEFRA approved laboratory.

Find out more about Adaptogens here.

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