Natural raw dog food that puts a spring in their step!

Chunky Range


Consisting of large chunky bite-sized pieces of raw meat, offal and fish, our Chunky raw dog food range is available in twelve delicious varieties, Beef Chunks, Chicken Necks, Chicken Wings, Ducks Necks, Fish Fillets, Heart Chunks, Liver Chunks, Mackerel, Sardines, Sprats, Tripe Chunks and Turkey Necks.

These tasty frozen treats give larger dogs something to get their teeth into. They also make ideal natural dog training treats.

Chewing on the chunks helps a dog’s breath and teeth and will also help to calm any anxious dog down alleviating its stress by giving it something to chew on. The chunks provide greater variety to the normal raw minced meat BARF diet.

Available in 2kg bags.

Chunky Chicken Wings

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