Natural raw dog food that puts a spring in their step!

Hokkaido Dog Chewing Air Dried Treat


Air drying raw ingredients minimises processing and delivers maximum nutrition retaining the products natural goodness.

Air dried treats are suitable for use as a treat in between meals or as a training aid and also help to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Available in Beef Tails, Beef Gullet Rounds, Beef Headmeat, Beef Spaghetti, Chicken Breast, Cow Ears with Fur, Dried Tripe, Paddy Wack, Rabbit Ears with Fur, Sprats, Chicken Feet and Beef Pizzles.

These tasty raw air dried treats will keep your dog occupied and less likely to chew other things around the house.

  • EOffers stimulation and exercise for the jaw
  • EIntroduces natural minerals into your dog’s diet
  • EAir dried to retain maximum nutrition
  • EGreat for using as a training aid
  • EHelps to keep dogs teeth and gums healthy

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