Natural raw dog food that puts a spring in their step!


Puppy Commercial Winners!

The long wait is over……our raw puppy food commercial winners have been chosen and our new commercial is ready for you to see.

Congratulations to Reggie, Ezekiel and Nico, not forgetting their owners, on featuring in our new commercial to promote our newest edition to our fantastic range of raw dog food, Albion Country Bowl Puppy Complete.

Albion Country Bowl Puppy Complete is a balanced, nutritious meal for your puppy, suitable from weaning. Available in 454g packs and contains premium mince and tasty vegetables and fruit all combined in one meal.

The meals contain the vitamins and minerals that any puppy would need for an active and healthy life, and contains British meat.

Watch our new Puppy Commercial

Meet The Winners

Reggie Mini


This is Reggie, born 04/06/2017. He’s adorable!!! Reggie has been eating Albion Meat Products from weaning and his breeder highly recommends the diet which we will definitely be carrying on with!

Emma Myers

Ezekiel Mini


Ezekiel would love to be in this he was weaned from 8 weeks on Albion and even went to Crufts this passing his bronze GCDS Scheme Award. He is such a poser and so wants to be a star! X

Lillie Abbott

Nico Mini


This is Nico, he is a 9 week old Border Terrier puppy. I think he is a star because he has moved in with my pack and fitted in like he has been here forever! He has been so good.

Laura Burns

Meet Lillie and Ezekiel

Find out more about Ezekiel and his owner Lillie Abbott and the wonderful assistance Ezekiel provides to his owner.
Meet Lillie and Ezekiel