Natural raw dog food that puts a spring in their step!

Albion Raw Dog Food Available At Wylies Veterinary Wellness Centre

New Wylie Wellness Centre Stocks Raw Dog Food Products By Albion Meat Products

We are very pleased to let you know that our range of raw dog food is now available at the brand new Wylie Veterinary ‘Wellness Centre’ in Brentwood.

Wylies have tried to create an environment that is spacious, relaxing and stress-free. There are qualified Veterinary and Nursing staff are on hand to offer health checks, vaccinations and advice on nutrition, behaviour management, Wylie-endorsed pet accessories and Health Plans.

Wylie Veterinary ‘Wellness Centre’ are staunch advocates of feeding meat-based food to their carnivore pets and believe that meat-based nutrition is a fundamental part of keeping dogs healthy.

The new Wellness Centre will have the following features:

  • Retail Area
  • Freezer Area for all Raw Feeds
  • Four Consultation Rooms (2 Vets and 2 Nurse)
  • Treatment Room
  • Grooming Salon
Albion Raw Dog Food Available At Wylies Veterinary Wellness Centre

Wylie Veterinary ‘Wellness Centre’ had this to say:

We have opened a Veterinary ‘Wellness Centre’ in Brentwood, opposite Sainsbury’s in William Hunter Way, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4WT.

We currently run a very busy, RCVS-accredited Veterinary Hospital in neighbouring Upminster, which is 5 miles away from Brentwood.

The idea behind the Wellness Centre is to shift the perception that vets are illness-mechanics whilst Dr Google is the authority on health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, in the current economic model, vets are financially incentivised by illness, so this is naturally where the profession focuses much of its attention but also its identity. At Wylies, we would like to change this paradigm to one in which the focus is more on health maintenance where and where we are incentivised to use the full extent of our resources to keep pets in robust health in order that our clients and their pets can experience all the benefits of the human-animal bond that we value so highly in our society.

For this paradigm to work we really need to understand what ‘health’ is and how we maintain it (most living beings are born ‘healthy’ but may become ‘unhealthy’ over time if certain aspects are not considered properly).

What constitutes health? The answer is complex and multifaceted but it is arguably an interplay between physical factors (for example exercise, healthy rest and husbandry), physiological factors (e.g. immunity, nutrition and the diversity of the microbiome) and psychological factors (e.g. species-driven behaviour – scavenging, hunting – social interactions with people and animals, reward and positive affirmation, dominance, recessive behaviours and stress management). This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of factors affecting health nor an in-depth analysis of these factors.

Our starting position at Wylies is to consider the evolutionary roots of our domesticated pets assuming that millions of years of evolution have perfectly adapted them physically, physiologically and psychologically to exist and thrive in certain eco-systems in the wild.

We believe that it is only when we fully appreciate and engage with these complex and interrelated factors, faithfully replicating them as closely as practically possible in our modern world, that we can begin to create a paradigm of wellness where vets are seen as the Yodas of our pet-owning community – offering valuable guidance and support on all matters relating to health and wellbeing rather than simply being illness-mechanics

At the Wylie Wellness Centre our focus is on providing pet owners, who value health and ongoing wellbeing for their pets, with help and guidance on species-appropriate nutrition, preventative health care, understanding and managing pet behaviour, exercise/activity, grooming, veterinary endorsed pet accessories, health checks and health plans. At the Wellness Centre, we would like to do everything possible to keep our client’s pets out of our hospital!!

Further information can be obtained from our website or visit our centre opposite Sainsbury’s on William Hunter Way, CM14 4WT.