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Hi everypawdy Ezekiel here with Lazarus this month (two for the price of one).

This month has been really exciting I (Zeke) have been learning some really new cool tasks to help mom. It’s been so much fun as it’s all just one big game to me. I’ve learnt to seek and find my toy (mom keeps hiding it from me – how very dare she) but I don’t mind it’s great I get to use my nose to find it in the garden, the lounge, the kitchen all over!

Talking of noses mine is amazing, mom says it’s like her eyes and that’s how I see the world through smells (mom doesn’t really understand just how good my tripe dinner from Albion smells – she stays it stinks but I say it’s a bouquet of beautiful aromas). Every night before my tea we go out for walk and I LOVE to spend time sniffing everything but mom says there is a time and a place as when I’m working I need to concentrate on her and how she smells as that helps me to know when she isn’t feeling well.

I’m getting really good at picking up when mom isn’t feeling great and I always make sure she sits down or takes a rest. I also let her know when she is getting stressed (she does those funny little things that only I notice when she is stressed) if mom does get stressed I stand in front of her and put my weight against her to let her know I’m there and it stops people from getting too close to her too as she doesn’t do well with that either.

Anyway I best pass you over to Lazarus as he is woofing to get his bit in (big brothers who would have them!).

Woof woof everyone Lazarus here please excuse my little brother just because he is bigger than me he thinks he can snuffle in on my update!

I’ve not had the best month I’m afraid, the first part was great me and mom were doing lots of training out and about but then I somehow hurt myself mom isn’t sure how but it really hurt and I had to go to the vets and have a sleep whilst they sorted me out (I really don’t like the vets but they were very kind to me and made sure I would get better). Mom was in such a panic I managed to break not one but both front dew claws at the same time! I and mom still have no idea how I did it but oh my did it hurt, the vet has sorted them out and the best news is they should grow back too!

I don’t like being ill BUT I have made it worth my while, settee time, extra treats, my favourite fish from albion and lots and lots of cuddles have made me feel much better.

Last week and next week (now I’m all better mom wouldn’t let me do any training or playing whilst I was healing and until the vet said I could) I’m practicing for my second year at Crufts with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold display team, it’s such hard work but we have soooo much fun, I love seeing all my friends and can’t wait to be back at Crufts this year!

On that note as soon as mom sorts the times out she will let the lovely people at Albion know and I will come and visit the stand – why not come along and see me, I’m afraid you won’t be able to fuss me and I would like to ask you to keep your distance if you do pop over as I get a bit nervous as I don’t want to be distracted from helping mom but I would love a wave hello and of course I’m always happy for photos if you want one (mom says I’m such a poser). Ezekiel really wants to come too but as I’m there already mom says he will have to stay at home I’m afraid as we can’t fit everyone in the car.

I would love for you all to come and see me strut my stuff in the Good Citizen ring and the main arena! I would love especially for you to all come and wave hello to me on the Albion stand too so keep you eyes open for an update on when I will be there very soon on the website 🙂

Hope you like the pictures 🙂

(I don’t look very happy in the one at the vets as I really don’t like vets but look they gave me gold bandages to match my team colours for Crufts)

Ezekiel loves the snow he kept catching it on his tongue silly pupster.

Licks and woofs Ezekiel and Lazarus.

Ezekiel In The Snow
Lazarus At The Vets
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