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Happy Woofmas!

Hi everypawdy,

Lazarus here again J Wow what a month it has been. It’s been Woofmas my favourite time of the year!

Me and mom have been having lots of fun, we have been training Ezekiel together this month and I have done some training on my own too. You see Ezekiel although a very good boy gets a little over excited if he goes out on a walk with me (I am his favourite brother, of course not just because I am his only brother but because I am ace!), he is happy to walk out with his sisters but when I go with him it gets all very exciting, we like to play and mess about which drives mom mad. So we have been going on our nightly walk together to try and learn to calm down. Ezekiel loves to be at the front leading the way but mom says he can’t do this and needs to walk with her regardless of whether I am there or not, he doesn’t pull as he knows that’s not allowed but he does like to be up front (if he isn’t he barks and squeaks to get to me – I know I am really am just that good that everyone wants to be with me).

Now when we are working, helping mom we only ever work with her on our own but just in case there is ever a situation like when we are on holiday and we go for a walk together, mom wants to make sure all will be well (normally we go on walks and train all separately so we don’t distract each other and it’s our special time with mom). Anypaw Ezekiel is now happy to walk a few feet behind me and dad when he is with mom and no squeaking! Honestly you would think being a big German Shepherd he would have a big scary bark but he never uses it he squeaks like a mouse instead (it’s a bit embarrassing to be honest).

I have been loads of places with mom over the Woofmas holidays it’s been fab, we went to Trentham Gardens and everyone was so lovely to me and I even got to have my photo taken in Santapaws Grotto, mind you when the reindeer moved I did jump, I really didn’t think they were real but they clearly were!

I went to Tesco again with mom, wow so many people who were all very excited to be doing their Christmas shopping, but the lady in Holland and Barrett was amazing, she could see mom was struggling with all the people and I was doing everything I could to keep her calm but straight away she came over took moms shopping list and tottled off to get all the bits and pieces for her so she could have a sit down and rest, I sat right next to mom and kept my head on her lap the whole time making sure she knew I was there and I would keep her safe.

Of course I have been to see my friends at Slimming world too and they always say hello to me from a distance, they are really good and know that when I have my jacket on I have to keep my attention on mom at all times and so can’t be distracted.

I have also learnt a new task, it’s a little bit personal but mom is really proud of me. I have always been a very good boy and don’t go to the toilet anywhere I shouldn’t but mom has now taught me that I shouldn’t really ever go when I have my jacket on as it doesn’t look the most professional (of course I only ever go in an appropriate place at an appropriate time – mom always tells me when it’s time for me to go if I need to) but now I have also learnt that I wait and have my jacket taken off first that way I can have a bit of me time to have a sniff about and decide where I want to go. I know it sounds a bit silly but this also gives me a little break and if I really need to go and we are somewhere, where I can’t I just let mom know and she kindly takes me out.

The best thing about Woofmas this year? Nan came to see us and she brought presents! We had lots of chews and toys and had a wonderful time playing and squeaking them constantly over woofmas driving everyone mad. Even better news is that Nan has rescued a new dog! He is called Max, he is 7 years old and a Chinese Crested – sadly his mom died and so the lovely people at Wildacre Rescue took him in, I’m afraid his new home didn’t work out so he had to go back but in a way we are glad as he is now part of our family and lives with my litter brother Ivan in Devon, (he looks a bit odd as he doesn’t have any fur but he is so cute! He has to wear a jumper at all times as he really feels the cold)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and I will update you all next month on how the training is going for Crufts 2018 as well.

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