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Hi everypawdy,

Zeke here, her with two legs who says she is my mom said I should write the update this month as she isn’t doing so well 🙁

Mom has been in hospital a couple of times the last week in a lot of pain but it’s ok because I’m looking after her the best I can, I won’t leave her side as you never know when she may need me to help.

She has taught me a great new game this month where I help her to take her socks and trousers off as she has been in so much pain she has been struggling to do this – I love this new game it’s sooo much fun!

My mom says that I need to get a bit of furness though apparently trying to help by taking her socks off when she is on the settee trying to settle with the pain is not helpful?? I don’t really understand, why would she not want to play the sock game all the time?

Anyway she says I’m doing really well and I’m such a good boy that she even gave me an extra big turkey neck from my friends as Albion meat products (they are soooo tasty and super crunchy when she lets me have one straight out of the freezer!) she keeps an eye on me though as she says I can’t eat it alone in case I try to eat too much in one go (this confuses me a little as I’m supposed to look after her but she insists it’s a two way thing)

We’re on holiday now and I’m having a super time with my brother and sisters but I do worry as I have to sleep with them in a huge heated kennel (apparently it’s an old stable but it’s sooo comfy with big squishy beds and lovey and warm) my only worry is as I can’t sleep outside her door what if she has a nightmare and I’m not there to wake her? Dad says he will look after her and I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I don’t think he does it right, I’m so much better at it!

The only thing mom says she wishes I could do is work the machine to make her a cup of tea in a morning but my paws are too big to get the pod in the machine and she says I will break it (not on purpose of course) so mom does that for herself, I think she likes to feel she can do things without me if needed but I still worry and try to help the best I can.

Anyway I’ve got to rush off there is a squirrel in the garden I have had my eye on for a few minutes now and if I don’t go now it might run away before I have chance to chase it (I only want to lick it but mom says the squirrel doesn’t understand) I’m going to go over and say hi and see if that works 🙂

See you later everypawdy woofs and licks till next time, you friendly neighbourhood gsd training to be an assistance dog to help my mom (and oh what fun it is.

Ezekiel 2
Ezekiel Waiting For Lillie
Me on holiday, here I am waiting patiently with Mom for Dad to get ready to take us out.
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