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Botanical Self Healing And Canine Coaching

Botanical Self Healing and Canine Coaching

Albion Meat Products are pleased to welcome Tracy Brind who runs Canine Senses, a company that specialises in Botanical Self Healing for your dogs, supportive therapies and canine coaching.

Tracy has also been a Veterinary Nurse for many years but decided to take a career change and in conjunction with Albion Meat Products will be writing bi-monthly articles on various aspects of keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Tracy has been an avid user of Albion Meat Products over the years so we hope with her professional knowledge and user of the products it will enable her to give owners, new and old, a little insight into various aspects of keeping our dogs happy.

If any of our customers have any questions relating to the following subjects, please send them in to us via our contact form below, and we’ll pick a selection for Tracy to cover.

Botanical Self Healing in Dogs

Living a chemical free life (where possible) with dogs

Confidence Building for Dogs incorporating Botanical Self healing

Canine First Aid

Canine Nutrition – informed interest

Puppies! Puppy pre-school class for young pups between first and second vaccinations

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Tracy Brind

Tracy Brind

Owner of Canine Senses

Practitioner of Botanical Self Healing in Dogs and Canine Coach.