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Sherwin Canicross

Canicross Sponsorship

2020 sees Albion Meat Products sponsor 15 month old Canicross Racer, Dice.

Dice, currently being fed on Standard Tripe and Albion Country Bowl Salmon & Tripe, has had 2 first places in domestic races, a silver medal in the National Championships (veteran Canicross) and he took part in the IFSS World Championships, where they scrapped the veteran class, finishing 22nd (this race included all the younger open women).

Owner and racer Elaine Sherwin said “He’s not put a paw wrong since he’s started his race career! Dice is a European Hound and a really sweet dog. He eats three blocks of Standard Tripe plus half a block of Premium Salmon & Tripe per day.”

As a family, The Sherwins have done dog sports for the past 14 years starting with Agility, which we competed at a high level for well over a decade. Jonathan is only 14 but has been attending the races his whole life and got involved as soon as he was old enough.

Elaine said “In 201 we started doing harness sports with one of our Pointers and one of our Collies, initially just Canicross which is cross country running attached to a dog. I appeared to have a talent at it and had dogs who were super keen and was lucky enough to win my first ICF (International Canicross Federation) European medal in 2012, a silver in Veteran Women with our Border Collie Tickle who is now 12.5 years old and has only been retired the last 12 months! My son was 7 in 2012 and he also won a bronze medal in the 7-10 year old category.”

Elain Sherwin And Dice Canicross
Elain Sherwin And Dice Canicross

“We started travelling abroad to compete in 2014 where I won ICF Gold in France, then silver in Czech Republic in 2015 and bronze in Italy in 2016. I have also won an IFSS (International Federation for Sleddog sports) bronze medal in Thetford 2016 and a silver medal in Sweden 2018.”

“Domestically I have been on the podium in the UK every year I have competed in the BSSF (British Sleddog Sports Federation) and have 3 Gold medals and 3 silver medals in Veteran Women’s Canicross, as well as numerous club and series wins in independent clubs.”

“My son has also been on the podium domestically every year he’s competed too and has 3 ICF European medals. A Gold, Silver and bronze.”

“My husband moved to Bikejor (Mountain biking with a dog attached) in 2013 and enjoys the buzz of going much faster than Canicross. He has been highly placed domestically, his highlight being a bronze medal in 2018 in BSSF Veteran Men’s Bikejor.”

Harness sports are becoming increasingly popular and any breed of dog can participate no matter what size of. Elaine and her husband are members of the committee at Canicross Midlands and help organise a 14 race series each season comprising of 6 weekend races where competitors best 8 results go towards their series position. Each race has over 25 classes ranging from Under 8 Kiddies Canicross to 2 Dog Open Bikejor, attracting competitors from far and wide in the UK.

Elaine also runs a successful dog grooming. Currently she has 11 dogs, 5 of which compete in harness and 6 who have retired from their activities and now spend their days running around the park and sleeping on the sofas.

We wish Dice, Elaine and family all the best for the season and hope to bring readers and customers regular updates on the progress of Dice and who knows, there may even be puppies in the future too!

Good luck Dice!

For more information see Sherwin Canicross & Bikejor Facebook page