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With the onset of Winter, as dog owners we should be just as aware of dangers that can be lurking in the coming months both whilst out walking and in the home.

Autumn is well known for dogs contracting kennel cough. This can be picked up from being in close contact with dogs already infected so it’s wise to keep your pet away from others whilst out in the park just as a precaution. It’s also a good idea to use medicated wipes to clean paws and the underside of your dog on your return home.

Ticks on your dog in Autumn

Some people also think that during these colder months fleas and ticks are not present – wrong! This is a great time for your dog to pick them up and then transfer them to your home – it’s a good idea to do a weekly check just to make sure they don’t bring home any lodgers.

Halloween care for your dog

The first of the Autumn festivities kicks off with Halloween, an abundance of candy in one form or another – don’t leave sweets lying around as this can cause many issues and can of course be fatal. Read our Raw Pumpkin For Dogs advice guide here.

Dogs and Bonfire Night

Halloween is then followed by Bonfire night, which we have covered in a previous article here. We need to ensure that they receive their last walk before the noise begins and then that they are kept inside with doors and windows closed. If for any reason they need to go out during this time, please ensure that they are securely on a lead before opening any doors.

Winter Care For Your Dog

Obviously during the onset of winter, we see a lot of fruiting trees and bushes in the countryside as well as a sudden emergence of fungi. Whilst many “fruits” are quite harmless it is better to ensure that your dog doesn’t pick up any of these items whilst out on their walks as we know only too well how tempting “new” things can be to some dogs, but these can be fatal even in small doses.

The Festive Season and Your Dog

Then of course we have the Festive holiday, a great time to enjoy quality time with our family (including the dog) lots to eat and drink with tempting items left lying around. As with previous warnings, things like nuts and chocolate can be extremely dangerous to your pet as can some fruit especially grapes and raisins.


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Raw Ingredients Used In Our Raw Meals

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