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Adaptogens Explained

An ‘adaptogen’ is a compound found in a supplement, plant, or herb that has a normalising effect on the body and brain. It helps your body to return to a state of homeostasis and reduce the effects of both chronic and acute stress. It is widely known that stress can cause all kinds of physical, emotional and psychological problems. Many dogs that have ailments are treated just on a physical level, however, there may well be other emotional issues at play especially if your dog is nervous, been attacked or has been the victim of abuse.

Adaptogens have a number of physical and nootropic benefits, which means that if levels of certain chemicals in the body are too high, an adaptogen would bring those levels down. If levels of certain chemicals are too low, taking an adaptogen would bring those levels up. Most other nootropics work by either increasing or decreasing the levels of certain chemicals in the body. Adaptogens work by returning levels to normal and are crucial for sustained physical wellbeing.

An adaptogen consists of the four ‘Ns’ being;

  • Nourishing – brings nutritive strength
  • Normalising – raises what is low and lowers what is high (eg energy, stress)
  • Non-specific – acts on multiple parts of the body at the same time
  • Non toxic – be completely safe when used over extended periods of time

We use adaptogenic herbs in all of our three formulas. Specifically, our Wellbeing & Vitality blend includes 5 adaptogenic herbs that help to reduce stress, promote calmness, boost immunity & metabolic function, aid focus and increase energy levels.

By strengthening your dog’s immunity and regulating their response to stress, adaptogens help to;

  • Improve overall wellbeing
  • Increase energy
  • Optimise organ function
  • Reduce the stress response
  • Increase inner strength
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Optimise protein synthesis
  • Reduce inflammatory cortisol levels
  • Improve cholesterol ratios
  • Regulate hormonal balance

Any type of holistic treatment or product should include adaptogens to encompass the emotional as well as the physical, which Proflax Natural products do. They are effective because they have been formulated by a holistic vet to work in total synergy and so treat your dog on every level for optimum health and wellbeing.