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A busy month for Lazarus

Hi everypawdy

Lazarus here this month to update you on what me and mom have been up to. Ezekiel really wanted to update you all this month but it’s only fair I get a chance too!

This month has been really busy but so much fun!

I have been going out with mom learning all about shopping and how I can help when we are out. Now that I have my in training jacket it means I can go with mom to the shops (we have to ask if it’s ok for me to go in as I’m still in training they don’t have to allow me – not had anyone refuse me yet – clearly it’s my dashing good looks, beautiful shiny coat and white pearly teeth (of course courtesy of the yummy meat and bones I get for dinner from the lovely people at Albion).

So far I have been to the local supermarket a few times (it’s really big with lots of people but they were all so lovely and said hello to me from a distance so I didn’t get distracted from helping mom).

They have this big silver box and when the doors open you go in and then suddenly your upstairs! It’s so much fun! At first I wasn’t too sure but then this magical box (apparently it’s called a lift) took me to the upstairs of the shop and there it was a big counter with whole cooked meats, fish and cheese!!! I just had to sniff the air as we went past it was the most amazing smell ever, sadly though mom said I’m not allowed to go near it apparently it will burn my nose (also I’m told that’s not the done thing).

I have also been to a big computer and television store where had to wait for an hour and a half to speak to a lady on the phone, I was such a good boy I just sat there and looked after mom, at one point mom didn’t feel so good so I lead her to then bench in store to sit down and rested my head on her lap to calm her as that always seems to help her.

I even got to have my photo taken with Santa!! I was a little scared at first as I wasn’t sure what it was but mom said it was ok and then the nice man gave mom some treats to give to me so all was good.

I went to the doctors with mom too and to her slimming world class she says it’s such a help having me there with her especially as if people try to get too close I block them as that can make mom really anxious, I just stand in front of mom and lean on her so she knows I’m there and it keeps people at a good distance for her.

I have also been learning how to help mom up and down the stairs, she was told this week that she has osteoarthritis as well now and so she struggles with stairs and her balance but with me helping her up and down the stairs she hasn’t fallen once.

I went to our local shopping centre too, it was pawesome so many people, so many new smells and sounds but mom doesn’t like it there as she finds there are too many stimuli so I stayed right by her side and made sure she felt safe. We then went to the pub for something to eat (I just slept the whole way through until the end when I got a bit of beef burger as I had been such a good boy).

I am learning new tasks to help mom but at the moment we are concentrating on how to behave when I’m out in public (not that I need training in that area but as i had never been a shop before it’s still all very new to me).

One last thing before I go I will be at Crufts 2018 taking part in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold display in the GCDS ring and the main arena, it would be great if you could come along and watch me strut my stuff, and I will of course be popping along to see my friends on the Albion stand too.

Watch the video on how Lazarus get’s on shopping!

Lazarus 1
Lazarus 2
Lazarus 3
Lazarus 4
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